Program Coordination

Program coordination is over-seeing the entire process of creating and producing a marching band production. I bring more than 25 years of marching production experience to the first “idea” meeting till the final performance to help get the most out of your band and the music and visual production. Program coordination can be the most overlooked aspect of production development but is, in my opinion, the most important. For that reason I aim to work alongside clients for the duration of the season to aid the development process. Contact me for availability and pricing. 



I am available for consulting on any range of issues you may have with your band program. I have a expertise in marching techniques, teaching skills, rehearsal methodology, pedagogy, etc. From student leadership to rehearsal structure I am a regular consultant with band directors on wide range of topics. I have worked with bands in the past on costume design as well. Wherever you may have a need, I can assist. 



I have been a clinician for over 25 years and love working with clients to take their bands to the next level. As an educator, I seek to design my clinics to be very positive, high-energy experiences that will be rewarding for both the students and their directors. Students are continually saying how much they enjoy the clinic and how much they learned. After all, the students and their education are what it’s all about! 
My rates for clinics are very reasonable - hourly plus travel. You will not be disappointed!



I can supply high-quality adjudication in marching, music, and effect. Email your contest date and caption(s) and we can work together to figure out how to best fulfill your needs. 




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