Visual Design

rmd has been designing marching band productions and working with high school bands since 1988. I specialize in state of the art marching band productions for bands at the highest levels of performance and those striving to reach that level of excellence. Wherever your band is, I can develop a strategy to help you achieve your goals.



rmd designs a custom program for each band to maximize their current level of proficiency, with a plan toward future improvement and the development of the student performers. Students are the primary reason rmd exists. Because of this, rmd limits the number of bands to a level which allows for complete attention to detail. Each program remains very important, and the drill is unique and innovative. I give every band the highest level of attention and work with excellence and precision to produce highly individual and visually stunning shows that fit the needs of each client. I pride myself in doing my work with excellence and always delivering on time! 




…excellence in music and motion since 1988

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